Moving Y Target

On this Model we have the Problem that the Hips-Bone which we usually use for our target in C25D is moving vertically. If we would render this out with the target set, we would get a floating animation, but we want the model to stand on the ground like he should, so we cant set the target here. The good thing is that the animations are not moving the character in x or z, so we can move him in place manually (by moving the models y-axis) and leave the target empty.

If we would have a Model that moves in x or z, we would have to manually add an empty game-Object to the models hierarchy and child it to a node(bone) that is not moving vertically (on this model that could be the left-toe-bone-node). Then move that newly created game-Object to the center of the model, and target it in c25D.

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